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    Default Couples Secret Rendezvous Questions!!!

    Hi everyone, this will be our first trip to Jamacia in June 2012 (cant wait). I need some advice on what option should I go with.

    I wasl going to book CIT deluxe ocean view room. BUT then I saw the Couples Secret Rendezvous option. There is not a real big price difference in between the 2 options.

    [B]I am wondering should I just go ahead and get the guranteed ocean view room or should I take my chances with the Secret Rendezvous?????[/B]

    The only thing that I dont like is what the Secret Rendezvous I will get the lowest grade room (which means no ocean view) I dont plan on staying in the room alot but I just love seeing the ocean when I wake up in the morning.

    [B]Are all the rooms at each resort nice enough to take the chance with the Secret Rendezvous???[/B]

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    That Wednesday special is over...but....if you are still wondering....I can't speak for CSS but at CTI your oceanview room does give you a direct view of the ocean. At CN, only the Beachfront Suites can give you a direct view of the ocean. None of the buildings there are perpendictular to the ocean as are the rooms at CTI. All the Couples Resorts are fantastic because they have the same basic wonderful things. Just determine what is important to you.

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    We chose SR in early April and ended up at CTI. The resort was sold out while we were there so we couldn't upgrade to a better room. Our room was nice but did not have a view of the ocean or the gardens. It was not a big deal to us but it might be a big deal to you.

    We will do SR in the future because we did save a significant amount of money. We don't spend much time in our room so the room doesn't mean much to us.

    Hope this helps.

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    If the price difference isn't enough to sway your decision, I would definitely book the deluxe ocean view room. While the room quality would most likely be the same either way, the guaranteed ocean view at CTI is worth it.

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    My fiancee and I did the SR for our first trip to Jamaica in March of this year. I thought the entire mystery process was SO exciting and added to the anticipation of the vacation, as there was still something to look forward to after doing all the research and booking our stay.

    We were thrilled when we ended up getting Swept Away. The room assigned was in the Great House. We loved that we were in the same building as the nightclub, piano lounge, casino, Feathers and Patois. We could also see the ocean, although we only had a partial view and also saw the roof of the building next door to the resort. The room was nice, but quite noisy during the day. You could hear a whole lot of silverware noise and there was also construction going on in the building . We didn't mind at all, as we were out and about during the day and only went to our room to sleep. We saved 50% over other couples who paid to book directly during the same week and once they heard about the SR option, they were amazed that the deal was so great. The room type is definitely the trade-off, but not a big enough one to discourage booking this deal. We didn't even try asking for an upgrade, so that would also be a good suggestion.

    It was a tad bit disappointing that the nightclub was under construction for the Friday and Saturday that we were there, but they did set up a makeshift nightclub outside on the pool deck and in one of the ballrooms on the second night. We still danced the night away, even though the carpet fumes made me a little lightheaded.

    That being said ---- even with all of these so called negatives, we loved our stay so much that we have booked our Weddingmoon at Couples Swept Away for October of this year!! I think that goes to show how wonderful the resort really is. We want to do the SR again next year for our anniversary trip. I just think it's such a fun way to book a vacation.

    Enjoy whatever you may do!!

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    Thanks for all the input. I looked on different sites for this June and CN is booked up on all the sites, so it will be a toss up between the other 3 resorts. Seems like the majority of the couples that did the SR ended up at CTI.

    I am just excited to be going to Jamacia, I might just end up doing the SR. I just want a nice room, but really dont plan on being there except to sleep and shower

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