Hi everyone, this will be our first trip to Jamacia in June 2012 (cant wait). I need some advice on what option should I go with.

I wasl going to book CIT deluxe ocean view room. BUT then I saw the Couples Secret Rendezvous option. There is not a real big price difference in between the 2 options.

[B]I am wondering should I just go ahead and get the guranteed ocean view room or should I take my chances with the Secret Rendezvous?????[/B]

The only thing that I dont like is what the Secret Rendezvous I will get the lowest grade room (which means no ocean view) I dont plan on staying in the room alot but I just love seeing the ocean when I wake up in the morning.

[B]Are all the rooms at each resort nice enough to take the chance with the Secret Rendezvous???[/B]