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    Default What are your favorite in-room drinks to make?

    Hey everybody! My fiance' and I will be going to CN in October to get married, and I was wondering what kind of drinks are recommended out of the things you can get in the mini-bar. I don't know a lot of different drinks and I thought "what's a better way than to ask the experts here!"

    I prefer fruity drinks, but I want to try some new things, as long as it goes down easy =)

    141 days and counting!!
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    Mimosa's!!!! Because you can justify drinking them 1st thing in the morning :-) Or Gin and Ting. Or Vodka and Cranberry. Lots of possibilities!

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    Ting and Vodka, Vodka and Orange Juice, Rum and Pepsi, Vodka on the Rocks. Beer.

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    You can make it easy and order the champagne (sparkling wine) for your room. Or....rum and pepsi.

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    dirty banana, nutty irishmen are my favorites!

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    I prefer "Ice Water"Name:  COR Ice Water.jpg
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    Mimosas!! Champagne and oj

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    Vodka and Ting. Ting is a grapefruit soda so it's sweet and sour. Goes down great with vodka!

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    Vodka and Ting
    Rum & Ting
    Vodka & Cranberry
    Bloody Ceasar (Vokda & Clamato)

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    No blenders in the rooms so you need to experiment a bit. You can get mixers for your room like orange, pineapple, and cranberry juice, Pepsi, Tonic water, Ting (grapefruit soda), Sprite, etc. The obvious drinks are rum and Pepsi, Vodka and Ting, Gin and Tonic, Vodka and orange juice. I like to play a bit. I used a little of various things to make my own rum punch. I mixed orange juice, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice in a glass with a dash of Ting. Then I added the Appleton Rum to taste. Our housekeeper kept ice in the water pitcher inside our room. You can adjust the amounts to your taste. Have fun.

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    Red stripe and Ting! So yum! (and even refreshing!)

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    Vodka and Ting seems to be the popular thing.I'm not a fan of Ting though. I prefer Appleton Rum and Pepsi (soda - I like Coke better but they don't have that there)

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    since when can you get red strip in the mini-fridge, last several visits its just Caribe.

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I am not usually a grapefruit fan - but most people say they love Ting - so I am willing to try it! I will have to print all this out and keep it for reference when I go!

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    IN 4 trips to CN I have asked for Red Stripe twice and gotten it both times. The last trip, I decided to just drink the Caribe for something different and in the course of 10 days I only drink 2 beers from the room anyway, but the vodka has a habit of disappearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rckbert View Post
    No blenders in the rooms so you need to experiment a bit.
    Do they by chance have a shaker, or shot glasses in the rooms???? Should I bring my own shot glasses? I can always "make" a shaker if need be.

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    Don't recall shakers being in the rooms. There were a few different sizes and types of glasses available (real glass by the way), don't recall any of them being shot glasses though. We ask for and use mostly fruit juices for mixing with rum or vodka for a late night drink on occasion. But we do not use much liquor from the mini bar at all. We bring a drink from the bar back to our room at the end of the evening if we want to have one more on the verandah before turning in. We use bottled water more than anything else from our mini bar. We take them to the gym or out to the beach during the day to keep hydrated in the heat. We usually ask for a half dozen bottles of water to be on hand each day. No problems, and empties always go in the recycle bins.

    Something I learned in the army many years ago was mixing beer and tomato juice. Sounds awful, but is actually quite good.

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