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    Default New Years Eve 2012 & New Years 2013

    We're booked for New Years Eve & New Years at Tower Isle and wondered what to expect and what the typical attire for New Years Eve might be. Anybody else going to be there ?

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    We will be there from 12/28-1/5/13.....have only been to Jamaica once in November of 2010 and that was CSS. Have posts on other threads asking about what to expect for New Years but haven't gotten much response. We are traveling with another couple and are coming from Michigan-so really looking forward to ringing in a New Year minus the snow, ice and cold.
    Not sure what to expect but will have a blast no matter what and are really looking forward to it!!!
    See you there!

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    You will have so much fun! We are going to be at CSA for new years this year. We went to CSS last year and thought the new years celebration was very well done. I can't imagine you wouldnt love it!

    I know each of the resorts did something different but, here is what we experienced:

    A manager's cocktail reception - very well done, beautifully decorated outdoors on a patio and pool area. Hand served appetizers, ice sculptures, signature drinks and management out to greet guests. They also had a really pretty photo area set up and photographers were taking shots of guests. The resort itself had all the pathways lit with candles and it was just gorgeous.

    After the cocktail time, it was over to the main lawn for an expanded version of the CSS gala. It was beautiful taking all the lit paths to the lawn. When we came over the top of the cliff to come down to the beach, the staff had written happy new year in candles on the beach. It was cool and everyone was snapping pictures. At the gala, it was well decorated, festive, a huge buffet with lobster, crab and everything else you can imagine. A large range of entertainment topped off by a great performer who really got everyone dancing, champagne toast at midnight, countdown and setting off those chinese lanterns. Then CSS had an afterparty at the beach bar with a DJ.

    Most people dressed up a bit. Some wore cocktail dresses. I had a knee length gold, fitted, crochet dress and felt like I fit in quite well at the midpoint of dressing - not a hot winter cocktail dress from the states but not a regular dress or capris either. For the ladies, I would shop this summer and see if you can com up with something summer ready yet still festive looking and special.

    Have Fun!

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    We are booked at CTI 12/26/12 through 1/2/13. We celebrated New Years at CTI last two times we were there. I wore beige dockers with a Caribbean style shirt light and comfortable. Wife had on a Caribbean style dress also light and comfortable. New Years Eve was a blast. Great food as always at CTI and at Midnight the Champagne really flowed.

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    Hello! My hubby and I are going to be at CTI 26th Dec - 9th Jan and CANNOT wait! We are also wondering what to expect for NYE (and what to pack).
    Last trip was 14 years ago and we've been measuring our holidays against that experience ever since, so we are expecting some changes but really hoping that the essence of CTI is still intact.
    Looking forward to meeting some of you there!
    Jools & Aron

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    It sounds pretty special. Sadly, we won'tarrive until the 2nd and will miss all the NYE fun.

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