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    We are renewing our vows for our 30th anniversary in August at CN. We want to get rings for this and would like to get gold and silver bands with some type of sea, beach theme design or engraving since we are beach people. Does anyone have any idea where we can get something like that? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    There is a two tone ring with "ocean waves" on this site......, I've considered the same idea for our 30 year Anniversary, but I have 2 more years to shop ; )


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    Sounds like you need a jeweler who can do this and I would do where you live. Just in case you have any problems
    Also we renewed our vows there and it was lovely!!!! we are celebrating our 30th too this year, Congratulations and best of luck


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    Hi Tim and Janet
    Try this website, it has alot of different and unusual items.

    We almost got these rings with Negril coastline when we renewed our vows at CSA this April, which by the way was a beautiful experience. I got cufflinks from this site for my husband which have a real map of Negril on one and the place we were married on the other. I got the waiter to "dish" them up as a dessert the evening of our renewal. My hubbie really enjoyed that surprise!

    Enjoy your day


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    Try these sites...haven't used them myself, but was having fun looking...not sure they meet your needs, but some interesting choices.

    Best wishes!

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    Thanks for all the information and sites. We will definitely check them out and also check with a local jeweler. Tim & Janet

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