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    Default CTI Mid September Scuba

    We are returning to CTI Sept 16-22. Our first trip was in Feb. we regretted not taking advantage of the scuba, so that is my main goal this trip. I have never tried scuba diving before. Any words of wisdom?

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    We were there near the end of September of last year and still talk about it often!

    I made the mistake of looking underneath me to look behind me (essentially almost doing a flip underwater to where my head went past the 180 degree mark if that makes sense) and it messed with the equilibrium in my right ear real bad... it took me several hours to recuperate. Be prepared to spend a few hours in the poor for the instructional period; make sure you bring water. Beyond that, it was an amazing experience!

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    You really should consider doing a course at home before you go. This way, you won't waste precious vacation time learning and you'll also have the time to become acclimated to scuba. Plus, I think first timers are limited on how many dives they can actually do at the resort.

    I thought I would love scuba and my husband and I decided to take a course (at home). Turns out... I hated it! It's much more complicated than it looks, plus I found it very claustrophobic (as many people do, but I had no idea it would bother me) and I was not able to complete the course. My husband loved it and while I'm sad not to be his dive buddy, I gladly lounge on the beach in the mornings when he goes for a dive. There is always someone there to be his buddy. Snorkeling over the shallow reefs is enough for me.

    You never know what the experience is going to be like for you and your partner, so getting certified before you go could really help.

    We'll be arriving the day you leave but we're not sure which resort yet as we booked a Secret Rendezvous!

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    Definitely do it! It's been a few years since we've been there but will be there the same week as you. Collin in the dive shop is the best divemaster in the world! Cannot wait to see him again. Digging out the regs in a couple of weeks to see if we can still breathe underwater.

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    Thx guys, can't wait to find out for myself. Great advice ivmcgill, I am looking into instruction here in Indy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasnstac1 View Post
    Thx guys, can't wait to find out for myself. Great advice ivmcgill, I am looking into instruction here in Indy.
    There are really 3 ways you can approach this.

    1) You can wait til you get back to CTI, try the free Intro dive, which is a quick morning session followed by a shallow dive, 30ft or less. It only takes from about 8:30a to 11:30a, is the cheapest way to try it out and you can see if you like it. These Intro dives typicallly cost about $90-$110 at other resorts where it's not included. If you really like it, you can still get certified while there, and it's generally cheaper and quicker than doing in the Midwest.

    2) You can go through the online courses at home or do through a local dive shop, and then complete the actual open water dives at CTI. My only caution is that you will be going during tropical storm season, and it would be a real bummer if you did all the work at home and couldn't complete your certification, because of red flag days.

    3) You could just get fully certified before you go, and then enjoy all the diving you want when you get there, weather permitting. This will be a little more expensive and may take longer, but at least you'll be done with it when you get to CTI.

    I did my Advanced Open Water training in Nebraska with one of the nation's top Search and Recovery teams in October 2001 in a nearly frozen lake, so I have to think anything in Indy during the summer will be better conditions than that! My wife did her Open Water certification in September 2004 in Colorado, but her actual dives were in the Blue Hole in New Mexico, which is a warm, spring-fed hole in the ground. No matter where you are in the US, there are reasonable places to get your certification dives done. I'm a big fan of getting certified before you go, but getting certified at Couples is quicker, cheaper and easier than most other resort certifications. My Open Water certification was in Captiva, FL and it took like 4 days!

    Hope this helps!

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