First off - congratulations to all couples either getting married or renewing their vows! After being engaged for almost two years, planning, stressing and fretting over how to please everyone (aka the parents) with our wedding in NYC, my fiancee Benny and I finally decided to do what we've always wanted to do...get married together and simply on a Caribbean island.

Once we visited Swept Away earlier this March, we fell in love with the service and the "no problem, mon" response to any and all requests. The thought of not having to worry about event planning is such a huge relief; especially working as an executive assistant, where work is all about logistics. I hope to leave my day job behind, enjoy time with my fiancee, friends and family who can possibly make it and to meet new people on the sunny, friendly island of Jamaica. The social aspect of Swept Away is one I very much enjoyed (not to mention the great fitness complex - first and only time I've ever wanted to work out on vacation).

Hope to see you in Jamaica (or at least hear about how your trip went once home). Also - I'm curious to find out who's getting married in the other time slots on Sat, Oct. 6th - by the time I got around to booking a time, 2pm was the only slot left. Guess it's a popular date. Hope to run into my fellow Oct 6 brides!

Everything is irie...