I posted a few a while back but didn't get many answers, so I am gonna try again, and add a few. We plan to do trading places at Sans Souci, and were wondering what the must sees while we are there? We would like to make the most of our time.
We are thinking we will be doing a few non included excursions, the horseback ride, and the zipline, my questions are, what do we need to bring for these, I've heard you need pants and tennis shoes for the horseback ride, anything else? Also, do these excursions go everyday, or just specific days?
Also, I am little worried about trying to get into restaraunts and activities such as catamaran and glass bottom boat. I understand we cannot make any reservations before arriving, and I've also heard something like you can only make one restaraunt reservation at a time, is this true? My 30th birthday is only a few days after we arrive, and we are coming to celebrate our anniversary as well, so I would like to eat at 8 Rivers and Bayside a few evening each while we are there possibly, but at the very least on my birthday.
Another question is we are thinking of doing either scuba or snorkeling, but neither of us are strong swimmers, and honestly, I barely can swim at all, so would you suggest even trying one of these?
This question is for the ladies out there, I have curly hair, but not horribly curly. At home when it rains I do not bother to straighten it cause if it gets wet, it frizzes and curls. Most of the time though, I blowdry and flat iron my hair. I know the humidity is high there, so my question is, should I even bother bringing my hairdryer, flat irons, and curling irons? Also, are there any hair products I should consider purchasing and bringing along to help me out? I live in a dry climate, and haven't really been to many humid places, so I am unfamiliar with how my hair will react and what I should use.
Also, is there any other must see, off resort things that we should check out, I don't necessarily want to stay on resort the whole time. Its my first time to Jamaica and would like to see more of the island.
Okay, I think my last question, for now... is we are leaving 4 small children at home, the youngest is under the age of 2, so we need to be able to be in contact all the time, what is the best way to do this? Skype is a great option, however, I need a backup in case there is an emergency. We have Iphones and understand you must put your phone in airplane mode or off while we are there to stave off outrageous charges, is there another option? I don't want my parents to have to call the hotel. I assume that would be quite expensive as well. Any suggestions? I look forward to your responses, and help.