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    Default Romance rewards per registration

    How does the romance rewards per registration work. I Inge up, came back and signed in and do not see anywhere to pre register for minibar libations? Help...Hic!

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    If you go back to the Romance Rewards info page, you should see on the left side a place to click on Pre check in. Click there.

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    Once you've signed up for Romance Rewards, you can do your "pre check-in" here:

    Sign in with your Romance Rewards info, and it will ask for some travel-related info - the minibar choices are listed at the bottom of that page.
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    liquor eselection comes up when you do your Romance Rewards pre-checkin

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    After clicking on the Romance Rewards link (at the bottom of the page) DON'T log in!

    Instead, click on the Pre Check In link on the left:

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    Can you pre check in if you haven't been to CSA before? It. Or is It that were not 3 days out? Won't let me in.

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