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    Anyone from WI? We usually go to Couples CSS every 1-2 years. Next booking is June 26-3July 2013.

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    Hi Mark & Jen. Yes there are a few of us from Wisconsin. We go to CSS every year in early December. We are from the central part of the state, a little city (just a couple thousand people) about 45-50 miles west/southwest of Wausau. Where are you from?

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    I'm originally from Appleton, but live in the Twin Cities now. We're planning our honeymoon the end of July and early August 2013 at CN/CSS. Sadly, the fiancé is a Vikings fan.

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    Sseidl, that's tough (the Viking fan). But to ease you a little bit my son -in-law has a sister whose family has one Bears fan, one Packer fan and a Viking fan. That must be fun during football season. Then when it comes to college football they have both Hawkey fans and Badger fans. Good thing it's a friendly rivalry or it could ruin a nice family.

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    Hi Lindad-

    My husband and I are from Appleton. We will be at CSS 11/27-12/4. We should get all the Packer fans together for the game. I think Pierre could be talked into setting something up for us.

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