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    Default Whoo hoo! One step closer :)

    Our passports came today. This week our final payment will go through and then in July we will be on an airplane on our way to CTI! So excited. Looking forward to our first stay at Couples!!!

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    Hi groundcru!
    Welcome to the Couples family!!!! My hubby and I will be at CSS from July 18th to July 28th! When do you arrive??? We plan on doing a Trading Places Day this trip! I'm so excited! This will be our 5th trip to CSS and we have never ventured over to CTI!

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    SuzyQ, we arrive at CTI on July 27th. I think we will do a trading places too . Have a great time. We are hoping to meet some people from the board, but seems like we will miss people by getting there when they leave or we leave when they get there

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