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    Today is our last day home before our two week weddingmoon at CSA/CSS. In fact, we are probably on the beach as you read this. As time approaches and our 300 and something day countdown ticks away to oblivion, I realize that my soon to be wife and I see these last moments differently. I am über excited and relish the time spent packing, making and checking lists, etc. I just realized that as time approaches she gets more anxious and nervous and wants the time to hurry up and pass already. If she could, she would have gone to sleep two weeks ago to make the time go by faster. U know, Like Xmas eve when you were little.
    Just curious how most people handle these last minute pressures...BTW.. This is our first time out of the country and first time away from our 4kids for more than a night.
    I hate to be THAT guy but ..... We are going to Jamaica tomorrow..... NaNa NaNa BooBoo.......!

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    I'm at 18 days and my excitement is turning to nerves . . .lol. I know I spent the last 3 months focusing on things I want to get done before we leave, like loosing weight (Hubby and I have been doing P90X) and buying any items we wanted or felt we needed to take (beach bags, sunglasses, that kind of thing) But I'm in your (By now) wives shoes, I'm getting nervous. I was happy making packing lists now I'm afraid I will forget something important. It's silly. I have spent too much time obsessing over this trip. I should just pull myself away from these boards and try to forget about it till I am packing (the day before not days before) but I don't think I can. {sigh}

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    We only have 19 days to go and my husband probably thinks I am crazy, all I want to talk about is vacation. I go a little crazy with the shopping beforehand and love reading reviews and the message boards. When it comes to the few nights before I can hardly sleep because I am too excited, my husband on the other hand is always thinking about what needs to be done on the farm before we leave. My husband is more laid back and like you, likes to take time on the lists and so forth, however I have had a list for a long time and just want to close my eyes and open them and be time to go. Hate to wish my life away but I love the beach and a week without computers. Hope you have a great time!

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    Oh I love all the planning and thinking and dreaming of the trip ahead. Getting ready for the trip is a big part of the fun to me. I do not stress about it. I don't worry about what to take. I just smile in the knowledge of knowing I GET TO GO BACK TO COUPLES!

    Shartalin. We will see you there. Do not worry if you don't pack everything you need. No worries mon. It is all so very paradise!


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