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    Default CSS - Beachfront or Ocean Suite?

    We haven't been to CSS before and will be booking soon. Which of the 2 suites are nicer? To get to the A/N beach, which one is the shortest walk? Thanks!

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    The shorter walk to SSB is from a beachfront suite, and they are great rooms, BUT, they are just like a great room at any other good resort. If you get an ocean suite, and happen to end up in G block, you will have a view that will not be found at any other resort! The balcony on a beachfront room is very small, with just enough room for a small table and 2 chairs. The balcony on an ocean suite in G block has a large table, 4 chairs, either 2 padded lounge chairs, or a double padded lounge chair, and all kinds of room around them to dance on your balcony if you wanted to! It's wonderful to lay out on your balcony at night and listen to the tree frogs! For us, there is just no comparison. Yes, you have to walk a bit further to get to SSB from G block, but there are so many ways to get there, and beautiful things to see on every path.

    We have a lot more information (far more than we could put here on the message board) we could pass on to you if you'd like - just send us an e-mail to , and we'll pass it along to you.

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    Beachfront is the shortest walk to SSB. The ocean suites are up on the cliffs, beachfront suites are down on the main level with the resturants and beachs. Both are beautiful in their own way, just depends on what you like.

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    we were in A block with beach front. it was really nice. It was steps to the main pool as well as the main beach. A block is the closest to the A/N beach.

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