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    Default Saltwater crocodiles?

    Do saltwater crocodiles still snatch kids and small sunbathers off of the beach in the mornings? JK! Just checking to see if your paying attention!

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    Only off the Black River shores, you can even google Jamaican crocodile and watch a video. If your on SunSetBeach at CSS they only swim out from the delta and keep the rift raft out of the water durring the hot day's sun. However, I hear it's very differnt at CN which is right on bloodybay?
    Mark & Sylvia

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    No, just the Land Sharks from what I hear, and they are only interested in stealing your drink, they don't like the taste of children.

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    I've heard they hang out at Beaches Negril and have a taste for the ones covered in covered in candy floss.

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    Just seen crabs steeling drinks. No crocks. I do still have a barb in my hand from a sea urchin from our last visit. That was my own fault.

    Life is good

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