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    I know that tipping the Spa employees after treatments is expected but I wanted to verify one thing: can we charge the tip to our room or do we need cash for it?

    We have the FILA Spa credit of $350 and I want to make sure we take enough cash if we are supposed to tip in cash.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Great question - we have always left cash so the employees can have their gratuity that day (not sure at Couples but some spas do not pay out tips until the employee's paycheck). Enjoy
    Ya Mon

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    Just an FYI, tipping is not expected at the spa. I't optional now, there used to be a no tipping policy but it changed.

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    It is best to give them cash because this way the person will get the tip. The Spa staff are not Couples direct employees, so I do not know how that would work and how the tip would get to them.

    Even if you pay for the treatment by charging it to your room, it is all done before the treatment, and I do not remember seeing any space for a tip.

    I have only seen tipping done in Jamaica in cash.
    Irie Mon

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    As a person who once worked for tips GIVE THEM CASH! As far as the spa tipping being optional only if your being cheap or didn't get good service which has never happened at any of Couples spas to us. Always great service worth a nice tip.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Is 20% american dollars the going rate for the spa???

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    CASH!!! I, too, have worked for tips LOL. I typically tip around 20%. Same as I do here at home!! ENJOY!!!

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    20% tip in cash. IMHO, tipping at the Spa is NOT optional....

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    Excellent! Thanks Bkhiattky!

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    We stayed at CSA earlier this month and had the same FILA credit. I can tell you what everyone seems to be tipping because I saw the tip sheet! What I mean is, my masseuse was still down at the body wrap hut and I wanted to leave her tip at the desk. The attendant pulled out a tip sheet where she wrote down my tip, and I was able to see the other tips of the day. They were for either 5 dollars or 10 dollars, I noticed.

    However, my husband and I tried to realize what a truly terrific treat we were getting -- a reflexology massage, deep tissues couples' massage and body wrap were all covered by our credit -- so we tried to tip accordingly. I believe we tipped $10 each time, except for masseuse who did the body wrap because we felt she was uniquely outstanding (we gave her $15).

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    At CN, I specifically asked if I could include the gratuity in my room charge and was told no. So I promptly went to my room to get cash and returned to the spa to give the cash to my manicurist.

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    Not that this is law or anything, but here is a general "tipping etiquette guide" article that someone posted on the old message board. It is not Couples specific, just general tipping suggestions. It covers much more than spa tipping too.

    By the way, we usually start with 20% and adjust from there based on the level of service.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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