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    Default 8 days!!! May 23rd through the 30th?!?!

    Emily and I will be arriving Wednesday afternoon, and can't wait for our first visit!!!! It's all we can talk about... Of course.

    Haven't been on vacation in 7 years so this will be well deserved. From reading through the forum it seems like we will have run of the place with about 6 other couples. Hahahaha.

    I'm a horrible golfer, but I would hate myself I didn't play the course. So I'm hoping to grab a tee time and do my best to make it to the 18th hole without putting too many shots in the ocean.

    Anyway.... Hope to meet some new friends and enjoy our week to the fullest!!!

    One love,
    Nick and Emily

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    Hi Nick and Emily,

    We shall see you there. You can find us most afternoons around the swim up bar. Please check out our thread dated 20th May through 3rd June for some pics.

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    N & E,Well welcome down.
    I have 2 other posters joining me for golf on the 24th. if your interested.
    Just ask around but we'll be on the A/N side.
    Looks for me in the Cubs hat.

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    Also doing the single digit dance~9 days! Will see you all when we get there onthe 27th!

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    Maybe you all have read about how CN has a new General Manager. It would be great if you could "report back" about your impressions of him if you get a chance to meet him and what changes you notice. Thanks so much.....have a wonderful time.

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    Hi Nick and Emily,

    We are also arriving on the Wednesday afternoon, can't wait! I am one of the golfers Wayne refers to on the 24th and would be keen to have a round later in the week if you fancy it? I would imagine I will be putting a fair share of balls in the ocean myself.

    You should be able to find us at the swim up bar, although I don't have any distinctive headwear to point me out


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    Looking for input on the new General Manager!!! Anyone there now that can give us some feedback???

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