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    Default Golf @ CN May 19-26th?

    I'm sure the little lady will take advantage of the spa while I'm golfing. Wondering if there any hackers out there that might want to join me? Probably go twice while we're down there. (May 21-23rd). Any thoughts or advice for the course would be nice. I will be renting clubs due to the hassle with luggage on flights, etc. Can I book tee times at the front desk?

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    Colts, I know my husband would love to golf a round or two. We will be arriving in the early afternoon on May 19th and leave the afternoon of May 25th. This will be our second trip to Jamaica but our first trip to a Couples resort. We are so excited!! It's good to know you can rent clubs also.

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    I think I may of found another golfer on the main message board. He's looking for golf partners on ther 23rd.

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    Anybody else in for golf Wed-May 23rd i think the day that suits the other players, so kick the better halves to the spa and lets get our swing on! I'm just going to rent my clubs to make the hassle at the airport less.

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    Yes Robert will play. He just found out he has to have elbow surgery when we get home, but he wants to try to play.

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    My shoes, glove and balls are packed. We will catch up on the beach, but we'll plan on going out first thing on the 23rd.

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