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    Default Single Digit Dance~so annoying!

    Doing my single digit~annoying dance today! Nine more days until we reach CN on the 27th!
    Looking forward to meeting lots of fun people!
    Deborah and Paul

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    Hey Deborah and Paul,
    Oh sh* got the longest week coming up
    Finished work an hour ago. 36 hours till we leave the house and on our way.
    By the way we have a couple of friends from Phoenix we met at CN last June coming in on the 26th.
    They have not posted on our picture thread but I will post a pic tomorrow of the four of us from last year.
    See you in a week

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    hey guys. we just hit 9 days today. cant wait.we get to CN about 1230pm on june 2nd. maybe earlier depending on how crazy the driver is. we are from Los Angeles so we are use to it. we are so anxious to go. see you all there.

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