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    Default CSS - Booked! Question about restaurant reservations

    So I went ahead and booked our November trip to CSS after reading all the great reviews. We loved CSA so much and really hoping this lives up to our now high expectations! Starting to count the days already...

    I was wondering how it works with food, as most restaurants seem to be reservation-only. If you do not have a reservation at the Palazzina, are you forced to eat at the beach grill/Bella Vista? (still confused if those are 2 separate places or the same thing.) Or if you just walk in, will they have room for you, depending on the time of day you go, if you want the breakfast or lunch buffet?

    I guess my confusion is that we usually don't always know exactly when we'll be hungry or where we'll want to eat at any given moment... that's part of the reason we liked CSA, because we could just walk into Patois or the Palms whenever and get seated instantly. But if you don't make a reservation, do they turn you away? How did most of you go about planning out your reserved dining?



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    When you arrive, make reservations at Guest Services. We have been to CSS 5 times and have never been turned down for the evening we want at either Casanova or Pallazina. We may not get the *exact* time we want, but we always get the evening we want.

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    The only meals you need reservations for are the evening meals at Palazzina and Cassanova.

    Breakfast is at Palazzina, from 7:30 to 10:30, without a doubt the best breakfast venue that we have ever eaten at, and we have been to a lot of resorts! For lunch you can eat at Palazzina or Bella Vista (no reservations required for lunch or breakfast), and there is also a grill set up over at Sunset Beach.

    For dinner, you can dine at Palazzina and Cassanova (both have indoor and outdoor seating) with a reservation, or Bella Vista (with tables right at the ocean's edge!), without a reservation.

    Then, on Tuesday is the Beach Party and Friday is the Gala (both wonderful meals and beautifully decorated). For those nights, the other restaurants are closed. The repeater's dinner is on Wednesday night, so you can choose to go to that (which we strongly suggest - so much nicer than the one at CSA). Of course, for any meal, on any day, you also have the option of room service.

    The best thing to do is to think about what nights you want to eat where before you go, then make reservations with that wonderful Guest Services manager Margaret when you are checking in.

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    If you don't have reservations and there isn't any seating available in the two main resturants you will end up at the Bella Vista (which is known as the beach grill during the day hours so yes it is the same place. However, if you are willing to wait, they can usually tell you at Palazzina's if they have space avaialbe later that night. Either way I'd recommend making reservations for either Palazzina's (our fav) or Cassanova's. We usually make ours that morning before hitting the beach. We do book Cassanova's upon check in though.

    Good luck and enjoy. Even if you end up at Bella Vista, the food is still wonderful!

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    I'm confused about the reservations too. Do you HAVE to make them when you get there or could you go to the restaurant say two hours prior to wanting to eat and make a reservation then?

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    Jane -
    Congratulations on your upcoming trip to CSS. You will LOVE it! Yes, the Beach Grill and the Bella Vista are the same place - it just depends on the time you are there. Lunch is the Beach Grill, Dinner is the Bella Vista. If you don't get reservations at the Palazzina or Cassanova for dinner, you can do room service or Bella Vista. Follow this link for the times that they are serving:
    Hope this helps!! Enjoy!!

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    Thanks for the clarification. I thought I read on the website that Palazzina and Cassanova were reservations only. Didn't realize you could go to Palazzina for breakfast and lunch just walk-in. So that's good. Is it buffet style for lunch as well as breakfast?

    Is Bella Vista all a la carte? And what changes from when it's "the grill" in the daytime to when it's the restaurant at night?

    Not sure why I find this so confusing... haha.

    From past guests' experience - Did you like eating at Cassanova or did you find one night was enough? We'll really only have a few nights that aren't "special" resort nights, so want to make sure we make the right picks.

    And the repeater's dinner is really worth going to vs. spending it elsewhere? Where do they hold it? Is there still a full menu to choose from?


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    are the menus available online somewhere?

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by va couple View Post
    are the menus available online somewhere?
    Go to home page, select the resort you want, then on the left side the resorts home page select Restaurant and bar. Under the description of each restaurant will be a link to see the menu.

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