So I went ahead and booked our November trip to CSS after reading all the great reviews. We loved CSA so much and really hoping this lives up to our now high expectations! Starting to count the days already...

I was wondering how it works with food, as most restaurants seem to be reservation-only. If you do not have a reservation at the Palazzina, are you forced to eat at the beach grill/Bella Vista? (still confused if those are 2 separate places or the same thing.) Or if you just walk in, will they have room for you, depending on the time of day you go, if you want the breakfast or lunch buffet?

I guess my confusion is that we usually don't always know exactly when we'll be hungry or where we'll want to eat at any given moment... that's part of the reason we liked CSA, because we could just walk into Patois or the Palms whenever and get seated instantly. But if you don't make a reservation, do they turn you away? How did most of you go about planning out your reserved dining?