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    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone had proposal ideas for CSA. I haven't been to CSA before and wasn't terribly sure about the layout or if anyone had any suggestions. My current plan is to do a private beach dinner and propose there but was wondering if anyone else had ideas they've seen done while there or thought of themselves while there.

    I have the ring and the girl part covered and I feel like if I was proposing somewhere near my home turf I could come up with some great ideas but the lack of familiarity with what is possible leaves some questions. I apologize for the lack of demographic information but I fear the girlfriend may read the message boards. Thanks for your help.


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    You already came up with the great took her to CSA!
    Do you want to do it privately like at the beach dinner you suggest, or her on a beach hammock with you kneeling beside it, there is a private wedding gazebo on the property with a koi pond behind it, and the sunsets are quite romantic on the beach. Or do you want an audience like telling her to come onstage Thursday night for the talent show (after setting it up with the staff) so you can sing a song for her and instead drop to a knee and propose or at a fancy dinner at Feathers? The main thing is that by now you know her and basically what she would like so anything in that way of thinking would be great and it will be the most romantic moment of her life because it came from you. Good luck. As I said already have the great idea of taking her to paradise.

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    Throwaway - contact the romance concierge on this site. They will help you plan an unforgettable proposal. Be sure and tell us all about it when you get back!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I think the private beach dinner is a wonderful idea, but I would speak with the chef and see if he could put the ring in a chocolate box and write in chocolate on the plate, will you marry me.
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If they get mad, you will be a mile away and they will be barefoot!

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    Well, If I had it to do again, I would participate in one of the entertainment crews on stage events where they invite you to join them on stage to dance or limbo or whatever and then tell the you want to propose on stage. They will hand you the mike and you take it from there. I did that for my wife while I was MC at a friends wedding with over 100 people in attendance. It caused every lady there to break into tears.... including my now wife of 20 years.

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    A proposal during the private dinner sounds so romantic!

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    Hi there! My husband proposed to me there 2 years ago. I kind of messed up his plan but it was perfect nonetheless. His plan was to walk the beach a bit and look at the sunset and Venus (we are star gazers). He said "let's see who can find Venus first". I can't remember who did but I started walking away (I was hungry and wanted dinner LOL) I got over near the water sports hut and was reading the info there. He started toeing around in the sand and said "look what I found!" I turned around to him with a diamond in his hand and he asked me to marry him. I will always treasure that memory.

    The beach at sunset is beautiful - there is also a wedding gazebo on the property that is ideal. There are also a few koi ponds and bridges back by the garden verandah suites. Honestly, if you take her hand, on knee or not, profess your love - anywhere on the beautiful resort is perfect.

    We return for our third trip this Saturday - this time as husband and wife.

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    I'm tearing up just reading these responses!

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    Flash mob!

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    I proposed to my boyfriend at CSA in Feb last year.

    We headed to the beach first thing in the morning and sat under a Palapa. It was his birthday that week so I said that I had an early birthday present. I knelt in the sand and took a present out of my bag under the sunbed. He opened the present and it was a book.

    It was a memory book with photos of all our times together and each page said, 'do you remember' then some memory to go with the photo, like do you remember our first date or do you remember that first holiday.

    He looked through the book and read all the captions and looked at all the photos and on the last page was the words 'Do you remember that time I proposed to you on a beach in Jamaica' and had a photo of his ring and when he turned round I was still kneeling in the sand holding his ring.

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    Ask for a bottle of champagne & write on the bottle (with one of those special pens that write on glass) "Will you Marry Me". Or you can write on her wine glass. She could keep the glass or bottle as a reminder of the special moment.

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    I am lost in admiration Throwaway. Not only do you have romance in your soul, but you appear to be a man who is prepared to ask for advice. You don't normally get many of those to the pound!

    I wish you good luck and great joy in your proposal.

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