We are researching these cameras to determine which would be the best investment. We want it for snorkeling and the resort scuba dive at Couples. We have a 3 year old waterproof Olympus that we've had nothing but leakage every time we use it. The seals on it are nonexistent compared to the new Olympus we have looked at. We saw the Lumix TS3 mentioned previously on the message board and was hoping for some reviews now that you have had time to use it. The TS4 is new for 2012. Unfortunately, we can only locate the Lumix online. None of the local camera stores stock the Lumix. We hate purchasing a camera without seeing it first. Olympus told us that on their camera we should have the seals changed every year at a cost of about $65. That seems ridiculous to spend $300 on a waterproof camera and then spend that much every year to make sure it does not leak. Any insight on these cameras would be wonderful and really appreciated. We know there are cameras out there where you can purchase a hard case for it but we would prefer not to do that. We had a 35 mm that we had a hard case for but now want a digital. One other camera we were looking at is the Nikon AW100, if anyone has this one and likes it.
Thanks in advance for your responses.