My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon at Couples Swept Away several years ago. Now, we are excited to be coming back in August to celebrate our babymoon.

Before we made our first trip I learned so much from this Message Board. I didn't post then, I just sorta read every single thread. I started reading it again for this trip, but I have some questions I can't seem to find the answers to. I'd love if anyone can help me out.

1. I didn't know Romance Rewards existed before our first trip (maybe it didn't exist yet.) Is it possible to get retroactive points for our first trip? How do I sign up for Romance Rewards. I can't find it on the website anywhere.

2. One of my wife's favorite things about CSA was hanging out and singing with Ultimate Chocolate. Is he still there? Will he be there in mid-August (say August 17th-24th)?

3. My wife will be in the middle of her second trimester. Her OB/GYN said we could travel to Jamaica, and she could do whatever she did exercise wise before the pregnancy, as long as she didn't overdo it. Has anyone else gone to CSA when they were pregnant, and can you offer any advice? Obviously, I'm going to do the alcohol drinking for both of us. But, do you think we should steer clear of things like snorkeling or the catamaran cruise? Do they have any exercise classes that were relatively low intensity? Any other tips?

Thanks in advance for all your help!