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    Default Margaritaville Excursion from CTI

    How long is the bus trip from CTI to Margaritaville?

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    It is only like a 15 min ride, but just some info, we went to margatitaville and one beer and one mixed drink cost us $31 and some change. It was really loud there too, like screaming in each others ear and could still not hear each other. And when you leave the locals jump you to get a ride home and to buy drugs from them!

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    15-20 minutes

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    It is only about 15-20 minutes but don't waste your time! All you get is head banger/hip hop music at 11:00P when the bus goes in.
    We always take a taxie into town to go shopping and we arrange to be picked up at Island Village Shopping center where Margaritaville is. As a true parrot head I wouldn't miss a chance to make Jimmy Buffett richer.; Yes it is expensivebut just have a drink for the experirnce and return to Couples for a couple more!
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