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    Default The Beach & Towel Art at CSA

    We leave for CSA in less than 3 weeks. How is the beach looking these days? The time that we were there before, it had eroded big time. We are hoping to see it back to normal (which I realize it changes all the time). Also, does the housekeeping at CSA not do any of the towel art? When we were there before, we never got any, but I thought I had seen some in pictures. Is it at certain room catagories, maybe? We are getting so excited to finally get to return back "Home"

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    Yes...always have had Towel Art there Those are your Beach Towels...
    The designs change daily

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    When we were there in Mar I thought the beach was in better shape than last year. As for towel art we have always had the pleasure of having Allison as our housekeeper when in the Atrium rooms. Everyday she would make something with the towels. My husband gets into a little contest with her and makes something for her each day from the towels although it's hard to tell what he has made sometimes.

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    The beach on both the north and south ends has rebuilt quite a bit over last year but the middle of the resort is still rather narrow. Those ends have nearly doubled in size. The beach took quite a beating 2 winters ago from 2 hurricanes. Last year the water was almost up to the water sports shed and Seagrapes patio with sandbags being used to protect a couple palm trees. They are well away from the water now. The sand is always moving and naturally comes back over time.

    As for the towel art...yes, our housekeeper did this every day. It is a nice touch.

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    Not sure about the beach since we haven't been there in a few years. As far as towel art...we have never had any at either of the resorts we've been to--CSA and CTI I think it depends on who your housekeeper might be, but not sure. I hope next year when we go we get some towel art because I think it's fun.

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    Were just got back a week ago. We got towel art our first day but after that we did not receive it anymore

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