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    Default CTI from Dec 3-7 2012

    We are checking out CTI for 4 nights before heading to CSA for 10 nights and our third trip there. WOuld love to hear from anyone that will be there the same time as us, or just special things to do or try while at CTI.

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    We're doing the same type split at almost the same time. CTI for 3 nights Dec 5-8 and then CSA for 8 nights. Our first Couples vacation was a CTI(COR at the time) and CSA split. Have been back to CSA 7 times but this is our first time back to CTI. Did do a day pass when we stayed at CSS just to see the changes since they remodeled and I"m really looking forward to staying there again. Can't give too many tips on CTI but I remember that I LOVED early morning and evenings on my oceanfront balcony. With the addition of a mini bar and room service its going to be even better!

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