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    Default SCUBA Certification Requirements

    I'm a NAUI certified SCUBA diver. I've had my c-card since 1976. I dove at CN with Sinker and English in 2005 & 2006. As I remember it all I had to do to sign up was to show my c-card, fill out a medical questioneer and perform a quick check out dive with Sinker in the dive pool.
    I'm now reading reports that you must have a signed log book. Signed by an instructor. And another report says you are required to swim a number of laps of the pool.
    Can someone tell me what to expect when I sign up to dive at Couples.
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    The laps in the pool are for the resort dive. If you are a certified diver then you should aleays have an upto date signed log book to show the dive master. We just got NAUI certified this summer and have our open water dives signed by out instructor and will be diving at CTI in Oct.

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    No swim test required since you are certified already. Medical questionnaire is required. If it has been longer than 6 months - 1 year since your last dive, then a check out dive may be required. I hadn't heard anything about requiring a signed log book. We have ours with us always, but all of our dives are at CN anyway, so they can just look us up in the book.

    English is still at CN, but Sinker has moved on.

    Happy diving!

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    The general rule is that if you can't provide proof of diving within 12 months (i think that's the limit), the dive team will have you do a checkout in the pool. As long as you have your C card there should be no swim test, just a quick checkout..

    We've been 3 times since 2007, we've shown our dive logs just to prove that we had recent dives. DON'T forget your medical form, they will NOT let you dive without it, and I think it's pretty expensive to go to a local doctor to get a signature..

    Don and Kim
    Savannah, GA

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    Default I'm interested too.

    I also found some confusing requirements when I went to CTI. I found information on the web site that said I needed a medical cert from my doctor. So I didn't plan to dive because that just seemed like too much trouble.
    On the next to last day of my trip in 2007 I met another guest who told me that there was no such requirement as long as I had my PADI card. By then it was too late so I never got to dive.

    So I'd sure like to know what's up before I arrive at CN in December.

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    Thanks all. That's what I assumed. I'm a very bad boy in that I never did a log book. I've always looked at diving as a fun hobbie and I never liked the idea of keeping a journal. I used to dive reguarly but now only dive once or twice a year.
    There is a new review on CSA in TA indicating a couple of "avid divers" were turned down for not having a log book signed by an instructor in the past year.
    I think a lot of this may be the persons attitude or physical appearance.
    I know I felt welcomed when I dove at Couples and look forward to doing it again.

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    I was handed a medical waiver to fill out. It contained many medical conditions and I answered NO to all of them. I think if you answer YES to any of these medical conditions you will need a doctor's approval. CYA and I don't blame them. I don't want to see them shut down because someone wasn't healthy enough and gets hurt.
    It's sad you didn't inquire earlier it was one of the best parts of my vacation.

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    I have dove at CN and CTI and have supplies medical forms to each. it's been over a year since I dove at CN. do they keep the medical forms on file?

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    Hi Roadkingcouple -- They do not keep them on file. You have to fill out a new one every trip.

    Run3 - that seems to be confusing -- not sure why a diver already certified would be required to have a log book signed off by an instructor. Perhaps they misunderstood.

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    The log book is required for dives where someone else, other than yourself, is responsible for your care, i.e., resort dives, independent dive trip operators. It is required by the resort's insurer. Because you are certified doesn't necessarily mean you have been diving recently, so they are required to check the level of experience. When we were an CN, a friend of ours had not been diving for 18 months, but had 40+ dives logged in his book (10 at CN), and so he was not required to do a pool check-out dive. My husband and I, on the other hand, had only 7 dives logged, last one also 18 months prior, and we were required to do the pool checkout (which I would have done anyway). It's a safety issue, which I can appreciate. FYI, the pool check-out dive did not require pool laps, treading water, etc.

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    Hi, I am getting SDI certified this month in CT. I will be at CN in November. Can someone tell me what I will need to bring/do in order to dive while I'm there? Thanks for any help.


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    This was discussed in my class tonight - since certification is for life, many resorts are starting to require some proof of recency before taking you out.

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    right -- i should have clarified -- my question was related to "having an INSTRUCTOR" sign off the logbook. Those who don't dive with a DM or DI in attendance would sign off their own logs.

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