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    Default Caribbean Air no longer out of Philadelphia

    As of July 1 Caribbean Air is no longer flying out of Philadelphia. The only direct will now be US Air. Don't wait to make flight reservation changes.

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    Yes the cost per ticket according to my TA US Air is $672 per ticket and the flight leaves at 10 some thing in the morning, leaves Jamaica around 2 pm, guess I am staying home unless something drastic changes the air fare. Never had any problems like this with AJ. Maybe it's time to look elsewhere, this trip has been a nightmare with caribbean

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    Is this true? ALL flights? This is the only place I have seen this information. Can anyone confirm?

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    Its a shame that they did this. USAir has good flights that leave at around 7am, i have normally flown them but we got a great deal on CA this time, we leave on may 26th so hopefully there will be no changes. Unfortunately a lot of airlines are pulling out of airports, I live down the street from Atlantic City airport and all the companies have left there except Spirit. I beleive it has to do with the fees the airports charge to the airlines. This might actually make me go to other islands now since we will probably not have many more non stop flights

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    It is true. Our TA confirmed yesterday. We will miss CA and their early flight times. Now there is no competition on prices either. Between the higher ticket prices and having to pay for each bag, we may not be able to travel every year. We are hoping since US Air will be the only nonstop flight to Jamaica from Phila, that maybe they will move up the 7:55 AM flight to 6 AM. It would be nice if Delta had a nonstop flight since they purchased that refinery. They would probably have better prices.

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    Thanks for the heads up.We've always flown AJ/CA out of Phila and I was waiting to book air for our December trip, hoping CA would reinstate the 6am flight for our departure date(it was one of the days that had already been cut). Unfortunately it seems thats now not going to happen. Only option for non stop now on our date is 10am flight on US Air.Took a look at their website and there were very few seats left so I booked. I"m bummed that we're going to be losing 4 hours on our arrival day and 3 on departure but at least I got a seat on the plane. Really puzzling that CA would do this when there obviously is a need for this flight.

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    Our TA said the only flight on US Air was at 10 am and $170 more per ticket plus bag fees, and insurance, some people can't afford these higher prices, unfortunately.

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    We travel from Springfield massachusetts to JFK in new York city (3 hrs) to get an early flight on Caribbean air! How far is Philly from JFK? Always an option!!

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    That sucks! We loved our 6am flight and was looking forward to it again in April 2013. We did the US Air flight in September of 2009 and when we arrived at MBJ the line at customs was at least an hour wait. The 6Am flight had us breeze right through. We were the 2nd couple through customs that morning. I think there is an early non-stop flight from BWI on Airtran. I think that is what we will have to look to.

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