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    Default In-room bar selections

    I think I saw on here that you tell them what you want in your in-room bar before you arrive. How do you do this? 4 more days till we arrive!

    We got our email confirmation today! We depart at 6am Wed and will arrive around noon. So, can't wait!

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    Leaving in 36 hours. Bumping this.

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    Did you sign up for Romance Rewards? If so, you can do a "pre-registration." Otherwise, there will be a form in your room to leave on the door knob and you list your preferences there. They restock each day. You might even see the "restocking person" as you unpack.etc. and can get your stuff then! have a great time.

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    I signed up for Romance Rewards, but we haven't gone on out trip yet. Can we still "pre-register" being a first-timer?

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    We are signed up for Romance Rewards and I thought I'd read that's where you pre-register. But, I haven't found any option in the RR area to pre-register. How early does it show up? Or am I missing something?
    24 hours to go.

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    Look at the bottom of the Couples site and click on Romance Rewards. If you are not signed up yet, do so. Then when you do your pre registration on the Romance Rewards page you can ask for different bottles of liquor for your room. You can always ask on a daily basis after there by filling out the bar restocking form in your room.

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    Although, evidently you have to pre-checkin 3 days in advance. So, I guess I'm still out of luck for now.

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    I snuck a peak at the pre-check list (not arriving for almost a month). Saw only a few liquers listed. Does anyone know if Baileys or Kahlua are available for stocking the mini bar?

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    I'm signed up for Romance Rewards but don't see any option for pre-registration. Guess we'll get there and figure it out at this point.
    Leaving in 4 hours - obviously can't sleep.

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    Found it! I kept thinking it was after you logged into Romance Rewards but it's on the left on the RR page before you log in. Thanks everyone for the help!

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    No Baileys or Kahlua Im pretty sure but if you like that stuff, try the Sangsters rum cream on the rocks, it's awesome IMO.

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    There's a recent negative review on TA about CSA where the poster rants about not getting everything she preordered for her minibar. You can't just order anything for your minibar. If you could, Bob would be ordering Couvosier and single malt scotch. The liquors/wines available are rum, vodka, gin, scotch, red wine, white wine, and sparkling wine. We usually buy a bottle of rum cream for the room. While we really do appreciate the in-room minibar, the bars stock just about everything you can think of, from bourbon to Kaluah to high end vodkas.

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    Can't trust the TA reviews. There are a lot if people on there that trash Couples.

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    What exactly is rum cream?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phishface View Post
    What exactly is rum cream?
    The nectar of the Gods! So smooth and good on the Rocks, in your coffee or on your soft serve ice cream. Also as a "Naughty Jamaican" drink, Frangelico and Rum Cream. Now I am going to have to open my last bottle brought back from CN since I can no longer hold off. That and it says it should be consumed within 6 months of purchase and to refrigerate after opening.

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    It is similar to Baileys except instead of whiskey, it's made with rum.and cream of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    It is similar to Baileys except instead of whiskey, it's made with rum.and cream of course.
    Rum Cream...... Can I get a bottle stocked in my room? Or do I need to buy at airport?

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