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    We stayed at Couples for the first time last month and we have booked another visit Oct 2013. My question is do I have to log our nights stayed somehow in the romance reward page? I have checked our account and it don't show our stay during April 16-21. I would hate to not get credit for 5 nights if I need to enter them.

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    When are you going in October 2013 and what resort? We are booked Oct 4th-12th 2013 at CSA and can't wait. I think you may have to call or email the romance rewards person to get the credit of those nights added to your account. They didn't have ours from 2 years ago and I just called and they put them on our account. Good luck.

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    Did you tell them at check out that you are a member? And it can take 30 days for your account to be updated. If its been a month or so send them an email.

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    Margi we are going to CSS this time and we are booked Oct 9-17. I will email them to have them add our nights on our account because I didn't let them know we have a Romance Reward account. Thanks for the feedback

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