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    We were at CSS last year. We are pretty much wine drinkers. On our first day there we were able to order bottles of wine prior to our arrival. After we had spent a couple days when we orderd wine it came in a small flask that held 2 glasses. Does anyone know if that has changed? thanks

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    Casanova's has an extensive (paid) wine list. When we ordered from that last month, the wine came in the bottle, was opened at the table, and served in glasses that are a little nicer than the normal tabletop ones. One night we ordered champagne, it came in the bottle with beautiful flute glasses.

    Ask to see the Casanova's list at Guest Services - I am sure you can arrange to have bottles delivered via Room Service or to Pallazina.

    Again, these are not the normal "included with a meal" bottles. This is a separate selection of wines that you pay for.

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    Hi jeanne, we stayed at CSS this January and if you are asking about the in room wine then it was exactly how you described it when we were there. The room service also came with the little flask covered by the plastic wrap. Of course it is o'plenty at any of the restaurants and seemed to be a decent offering compared to most resorts bino tinto.

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    I read that if you ask at the bar, they will give you a bottle to take to the room.

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