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    Default CSS C Block

    Hi, I never hear anyone mention C Block at Sans Souci. Anyone out there have any experience/knowledge of this part of the resort.

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    Default C block

    Hi there,
    I just called the resort about a question about a different block. The question of C block came up. They told me it had the entry level rooms (I think they're the deluxe ocean?) in that block. It is a fairly central block. That's what I found out.

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    C Block is on the "middle" level of the resort so it's centrally located. You don't hear much about it because it's the one block without any Balconies. It contains the Deluxe Ocean Suites. If you look on the panoramic map (where the arrow points to Deluxe Ocean) you can see that C sits behind Building D, though at an angle, so there is still a beach view, just through large windows.
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    Thanks! Centrally located sounds good.

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