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    Default CN- last minute tips

    Finally, after watching the countdown slowly get to 2 days, we are making final plans for our trip. We land around 10:30, expect to be at the resort around 12:30 - 1:00. Plan to check in, change, and hit the pool bar. Not expecting the room to be ready so we will mingle, eat and drink a few hours.

    Any tips on what to do or bring? We only have four days, so we ruled out excursions.

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    No tips but I am thinking of going to this resort this time next year. I would love for you to post about your trip when you get back. About the weather and the water. Take pictures and post them. We are looking to go for a week and I want to make sure we are not in wind and rain all week.
    Have a great time and enjoy yourselves.

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    You sound like you are planning what we like to do, minus the pool bar. We do change into our swimsuits, but we head to the beach if our room isn't ready.

    My tips have to do with packing your carryon bag. Throw a swim suit, t-shirt and flip flops into your carryon bag. It'll be easier to get to instead of having to open your large suitcase at the resort. Plus, Jah forbid, if your checked bag doesn't arrive with you, you still have your swimsuit.

    Also, I usually print this "Customs/Immigration" form ( ) before I leave home and fill out the items that I don't have memorized (Flight number, passport number, etc.). I throw it in my carryon for easy access on the plane. That way, when I'm filling out the real form, the information is handy and I don't have to root around for things in the close confines of an airline seat. Fill out and sign the form on both sides, including the departure section. If it's not filled out completely, they can ask you to step out of line at immigrationand complete it.

    Oh, and throw in a couple of blue or black ball point pens too. There never seem to be enough on the plane to go around.

    Enjoy your trip!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    You might be surprised and find your room ready. We have only had to wait one time, that was actually this past summer. But we arrived on the same Saturday as the ATI weekend and all of Negril was chaotic.

    Just bring bathing suits and cover ups. For only 4 days I would pack really light.
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    Thanks all, I probably posted this too last minute since there is the delay in the board. Got the swimsuits packed in the carry-on, thanks.

    I will post a trip report.

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