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    Default Another Bathrobe Question -- CSA

    I have been reading the messages about the bathrobes being available or not at CTI and it got me to wondering if they were still available at CSA. In checking the accomodations description and room description in the booking engine I don't see that they are listed anymore. No problem if we need to bring one just need to know before we get there (double digit dance!). Love to sit on the verandah after a day on the beach or in the early morning and just enjoy the view and quiet and those robes certainly were a part of it. We are in a Garden Verandah Room. Anybody or Management -- help?!

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    We just returned today and did have robes in our room at CSA. They were also for sale in the Logo Shop; didn't check the price.
    Mark & Debbie
    Charleston, SC

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    Just wanted to say hi to a fellow Vermonter. I initiated the CTI bathrobe question and was glad to finally get a definitive answer.
    We are from Townshend, in the SE part of the state. This Dec. will be our fourth trip to Couples. Anxious to experience CTI and then we will have tried all four resorts.

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