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    We are booked for a deluxe. Beachfront room at cn in August. Was thinking about possibly upgrading to a suite. My question is has anyone been upgraded when they got there? What's the chances we will get upgraded?

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    The chances of a free upgrade are slim. In our 19 visits to Couples Resorts and 15 to CN in particular, we have NEVER received an upgrade.
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    The chances of being upgraded at CN or CSA are slim to none no matter what time of year you travel. What limited rooms(if any) would be available would go first to people who have accumulated resort credits from repeats or early booking credits.

    If you are wanting to upgrade I would contact Couples now and pay for it. We booked our beachfront suite for CN and CSA for this August and for August 2013 already. We learned to make sure to book the room we wanted at time of booking after spending 2 weeks at CN in a Deluxe Garden in building 3. The road noise was really bad for this country girl who is used to hearing nothing but crickets at night.

    Good luck deciding what to do ;-) Looking forward to meeting you!!

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    We upgraded from a great house verandah to an atrium suite last October when we we went.....hoping to do the same this October....didn't want to change our room choice now b/c we would lose the travel insurance, 7th night free, and resort credit.....I figure even if we can't upgrade, we'll still be there & hardly in our room anyway!

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