I posted about a week ago but looks like it never made it to the board for some reason. Kind of frustrating since I can't remember most of my questions, but I'll try again!

For those who have stayed in the 1 bdrm ocean front suite at CSS - Were there tvs in BOTH the living area and by the bed? Or a TV that moved in between? I saw on the photo online that a TV is in the sitting room, which made me think there isn't one in the sleeping area. Not a huge deal, but when my husband and I are on vacation, sometimes we love just laying around in bed watching tv, especially if the weather is bad!

Are there any 1 bdrm ocean suites that you would recommend to AVOID for whatever reason? I know most people seem to say G Block is the best. Any other opinions?

Hmm I know I had more, but can't remember now. Any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Hoping to book soon for a trip this November.