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    Default CSS Questions!!!


    I posted about a week ago but looks like it never made it to the board for some reason. Kind of frustrating since I can't remember most of my questions, but I'll try again!

    For those who have stayed in the 1 bdrm ocean front suite at CSS - Were there tvs in BOTH the living area and by the bed? Or a TV that moved in between? I saw on the photo online that a TV is in the sitting room, which made me think there isn't one in the sleeping area. Not a huge deal, but when my husband and I are on vacation, sometimes we love just laying around in bed watching tv, especially if the weather is bad!

    Are there any 1 bdrm ocean suites that you would recommend to AVOID for whatever reason? I know most people seem to say G Block is the best. Any other opinions?

    Hmm I know I had more, but can't remember now. Any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Hoping to book soon for a trip this November.


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    The tv is mounted on the wall and swivels. You can watch it in the living room and also in the bedroom simply by turning to the position you want. We had a one bedroom ocean front last time and have asked for it again. The location is perfect if you like the beach area. The ground floor rooms let you walk right out your sliding glass door straight to the beach. Just remember to take your key because housekeeping comes in to clean the rooms several times a day and they always lock the sliding glass door! I found this out the hard way and had to track down someone to let me in my room! We loved this location and really want it again. It's just do convenient!
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    We always stay in the 1 Bedroom beach front suite in the B block because we loving stayinng just steps from the water. I know in those rooms the TV is on a mount that you can swing out to face into the bedroom. Hubby and I don't watch much TV even when it's raining we grab a deck of cards and hang out on the patio. Honestly, we never turned the TV on.

    From our trips around the property I can't say that I ever saw a bad room block. They were all beautiful and their views amazing.

    Just relax and prepare to have fun. You'll love it! It' s become our home away from home. We'll be back in 10 days!!

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    We just got back from CSS today and there is a tv in the bedroom and living room. We stayed in D 6 but would've gladly down graded to a verandah suite to get room D7, but it wasn't available.

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    Hi Jane,
    We've only stayed in a beachfront once and there was one TV. As best we can recall, it was in the sitting room but could be moved where it could be seen in the bedroom. The room we stayed in was on the second floor of A-block where the split is between A & B blocks (can't remember the room number). We didn't like it as we were set back so, while we had a limited view of the ocean, we had a better view of the wall where B begins. We'd think maybe somewhere in the middle of either A or B block would be better, for that type of room, but would hope someone else could confirm this theory.

    Having stayed in G-block on 3 of our 4 visits to CSS we'd have to agree with those that think that's where you'll find one of the best views.

    Anyhow...hope this helps!

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    Thanks everyone! I think we're going to book the one bedroom suite, higher up. I really like the idea of the beachfront suites being more convenient, but I keep hearing that the one bedroom rooms that are in the cliffs are the best rooms and a bit more private, which we like. We're late 20's/early 30's so I hope we're still in decent enough shape to deal with all these stairs everyone keeps talking about! Hoping it's not as bad as some people say!

    Also can anyone comment on the food at CSS? We've only ever been to CSA, and loved the food there... wondering if it compares since that's a big reason we lean towards Couples. Don't trust the food anywhere else after all the good meals we had!

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