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    Default August CSS Trip Report Soon Come!

    Just got home after 7 great ones at CSS! I need to spend some time reflecting and then write up a report. Met some FAB people down there. You "ALL" better use my card info and e-mail me.....

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    Can't wait to read all about it!!

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    Hi Barry!!
    Dave & I just got home last night. I'll email you the pic I took of you & Patty @ the Repeater's Party. It just wasn't the same after you guys all deserted us on Friday !!


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    But we sure had some fun while we were all together..... Give Dave a hug from us!!!! I got a few good pics of you guys as well. You can use my krutledge(at) account if you want. I just ajusted my work email setting and everything is going into spam filter right now. Either way, I will get the email, it just gets slowed down...

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