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    Default What should he wear?

    I was originally thiking a linen tan/khaki suit, but he thinks he will be too hot. So the obvious second choice is khakis and a white shirt. What seems to be the normal thing to do? I havent narrowed down my dress yet, but from what I have narrowed it down to none of them are what I would consider casual nor are they over the top and something I would wear if I would get married at home in a church. Thanks for your input!

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    I have seen a lot of photos with Khakis and white shirt. That is what I am having my man do. I wasn't planning on getting a very formal dress so I could make sure that we didn't look odd (but that went out the window as soon as I put my dress on and fell in love with it, lol!). But I looked around at pics and asked peoples advice and they thought that khakis and a nice white button up would look great. So that is my plan!

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    Wear what you want its your wedding!!!! My husband ( doing a vow renewal) will be wearing chocolate brown linen pants, a white long sleeve linen shirt with blue embroidery down the front, and a fedora hat that has macthing brown and blue stripe. only 80 days to go!!!!

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    My husband wore beige linen pants and a white line short sleeve shirt with a very faint design on it. and also sandals

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