We will be getting married at couples negirl 10-11-12. It will just be the two off us. My fiance has been married before, and we both have children from pervious relationships. That being said it will just be the two of us in Jamaica. For many reasons we wants a small intimate ceremony for just the two of us. With that being said we have lots of family and friends who just arent happy with our decision so we are having an at home reception when we return. We are wearing our wedding attire, doing the fist dance, cake cutting, etc etc etc. We also have 4 children ages 4,5,7, and 7. We want to do something to include them all. Would it be out of place to have the sand ceremony at the reception for everyone to see and include the children. We want to do something to symbolize the whole family coming together as one. Any input or any other ideas would be appreciated!!!