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    Default CTI One Bedroom Suites? Specifically 3316

    We are making our first return to CTI since the renovations. We have always stayed in room 316 (now 3316) in the main building, and prior to the renovations it had both a jacuzzi and a walkin shower.

    I recently saw some photos of another one bedroom suite and all it has was a walkin shower. We are hoping that they didn't change the layout in 3316 as we use both the shower and the jacuzzi.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has knowledge of 3316 or the other one bedroom suites, or better yet photos.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My Wife and I also stay in the One Bedroom Suites. We have been back after the renovations and our suite had both Tub and Shower. The Tub was under the windows just outside of the bathroom, while the bathroom had the other amenities. I am not sure if it was 316, but the last room we stayed in was on the main floor. I was told that not all of the suites have both and that you may need to ask if it is available or for another one that has both.
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    My husband and I were at CTI in August and were in the main building. First floor, 2nd or third room on the right. So we had an ocean view. It had a jaccuzi tub and walk in shower. It was HEAVEN. Our room was set up just as Bowmanswell explained above.

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    Thanks very much for the responses. If anyone has photos, I'd still love to see them.

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    We had a one bedroom suite 3222 and it had just the amazing walk in shower which was perfect for us. I believe if you go to the sticky post at the top of the forum "amazing morning at CTI" that is taken from 3316. At least if my memory serves me correct that was the caption on one of the photos. It showed an inside picture of the bathroom and there was a tub as well.

    If you would like a tub & shower have your TA make a request on the reservation and then upon check-in simply ask again. Couples will do what they can to make sure your requests are met. If they cannot give you the tub at check in and are willing to move maybe you can be accommodated at some time during your stay.

    We loved CTI last August!! It was a tough decision to return to CN/CSA this August instead of returning to CTI!

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