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    Looks like rain all week 17th to 26th....THAT SUCKs hopefully it will change we have never had it rain all day and its been 4 times to couples......crossing our fingers

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    It always shows some rain. You should know that if you've been there before. I wouldn't worry.

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    Was just at CSA last week and it showed 60% all week. I am not going to say it did not rain. Some days it really poured. However it never rained the whole day and even if it had I would still love it just because I was there. Hope you have a great trip!

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    We ignore all weather forecasts for Jamaica unless it refers to hurricanes. Since it's the tropics, rain is almost always in the forecast. We've seen rain everyday predicted for our stays only to see a few, 15 minute episodes of early afternoon "liquid sunshine". No worries.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Yep, the forcast shows rain almost every day in May. I think it's one of their rainest months. But if you've been you know that rain never lasts all day and it really doesn't affect the atmosphere at the resort. We just hang out in the water unless it's storming and wait it out. We're wet anyway right?

    Just relax and have fun! A rainy day in Jamaica is better than a sunny day at work any day!

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    If that post and the responses still leave you with questions, please suggest how we could improve it...

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    Is any one know how the weather is in October?

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    We're arriving next week on the 17th thru 28th..I saw the 60% rain forecast but as stated by others, that doesn't mean rain all day. I will say that May is a rainy month, next year we already booked for April, much dryer. As for the question of October, again, its a roll of the dice, we were there twice in Oct. one week was beautiful the other hurricane Wilma passed by & pretty much rained out the whole week. No worries, it'll be awesome & plenty of sunshine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diandmoe View Post
    Is any one know how the weather is in October?
    We were at CSA Oct 4-12 last year and the weather was awesome! It did rain a couple times but not the whole day...plenty of sunshine!

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    Even if it rains, you're either in the pool, or the ocean!!

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    I am going to Jamaica for the first time ever at the end of this month, and I will not even so much as look at a weather forecast for the area. Why? ... Because I have read countless posts on this MB assuring me that it will undoubtedly rain every day, but not longer than an hour or so. I can't wait!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post

    If that post and the responses still leave you with questions, please suggest how we could improve it...
    I am a nervous wreck about the weather. My wife and I honeymooned in September 2010, and The weather was pretty terrible. I know we went during hurricane season, but still... It was our luck.

    Anyway, we were determined to go back. Due to things outside of our control, next week is when we travel. May rain season. It is a little troubling to see rain chances everyday. I have read a lot of the posts, including the one you provide. The answers still don't reassure me of a total wash out.

    To improve it, I would recommend that couples install a web cam at their properties. People can see for themselves what the weather is.

    Also, and I will do this on my trip, I will take notes on what is predicted and what occurs. I will post these findings when I get home.

    And lastly, I will provide my thought on the weather. If the forecast states t-storms, you will most likely endure the 15 min of liquid sunshine so many speak about. However, when it shows cloudy with rain, plan to watch some movies.

    No problem, only situation.


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