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    Default White Witch/Rose Hall

    are there any trips from CN to the Rose Hall, and does anyone know how long it would take to get there?

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    It's just on the other side of MoBay from Negril.

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    We did this in 2006. Actually you can go anywhere you want to go. We had the Tour Desk arrange a private driver for a day for $25o. It took about 2 hours to drive to Rose Hall. We spent a couple hours on a guided tour there and then stopped at three art galleries in Montego Bay and a tour of the Tortuga Rum Cake factory on the way home to CN.
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    We went to White Witch for golf then did a tour of Rose Hall after when we were there in Jan 2011. The trip was about an hour to an hour and half. We scheduled the trip on our own through a tour company. We were at CSA not CN.
    Just a tip, when we golfed White Witch we paid full price. There are websites where you can get discounted golfing.(Wish we had known that when we went)
    Rose Hall was amazing.

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    I dont remember any trips from CN but I have done it from Sandals Montego Bay. It is on the far side of MoBay from Negril so you would need to allow 1 and a half hours each way. We went at night on Halloween and it was fantastic - we had a guided tour and it was not for the faint-hearted - so scary! I would imagine it to be a very different place in the daylight! Worth reading up on before you go too.

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    It would be about 90 - 1oo minutes by cab depending on traffic with no stops.

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