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    Default Dinner on the Beach?

    My fiancé and I are going to SA for our honeymoon. Is the dinner on the beach worth it? Also, is it discounted if you do not order wine? We both do not drink alcohol.

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    The dinner on the beach we did at CN was very nice, but personally I would pick a massage over private dinner. Since we have a great time eating at any of the restaurants. Can't answer the the discounted question, although I would guess not but they were very accommodating (as always) bringing us a number of things that were not on the menu.

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    We skipped the beach dinner during both of our trips on the recommendation from others that went with us. It was the same menu/meal as what the fancy restaurant was having. I don't believe there would be a discount for not drinking the wine. I do not drink alcohol either.

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    I booked a dinner for our trip in November. It's is also our 10th anniversary, And I'm doing it as a romantic gesture. I'd say it's up to you if it's worth it. People on here told me its nice to do for special occasions, but only once.

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    Just my opinion. All the restaurants are so wonderful, you don't need a private dinner on the beach. You can have a romantic dinner in the restaurants.

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    We got it at CSS and loved it! We did it in the wedding gazebo at sunset and it was so romantic and private. As my boyfriend said, its all about the ambience.

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    We had it at CSA last year for my birthday. We both really enjoyed it and found it worth the money. It was very romantic. We would do it again. I agree with the other posts that the food it good at all the restaurants but the private dinner we had chicken and lobster, they didn't have lobster on the menu otherwise except one day so it was nice. For the discount I'm not sure.

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    Doubt you would get a discount for not having the wine.

    My opinion is that the private dinners are worth every penny. My husband and I have done them twice in the past and have two more booked for our upcoming trip (CTI - on the island, and CSS at SSB).

    It has been our experience that it was not the exact same menu of the restaurants those particular evenings. The setting is very intimate and romantic, and you're on a romantic vacation - just adds to the vibe!

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    Yes, you do get a $20 discount if you do not want the bottle of wine. We got it a CSS and CN last January. Just tell them you don't drink.
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    We had a dinner on the Beach in Nov 2011 and it was by far the best dinner of our 2 weeks stay. So worth the extra money. Feathers was amazing food too, but this was even better! Such a nice touch to our trip. So romantic. We are going back to CSA for our third trip this December and we will do it every year when we go back now.

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