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    Default A few CSS questions for a newbie

    1. Will the airport shuttle driver (on the way to CSS) stop at Scotchies if asked? Or does this usually depend upon how many others are on the shuttle with you? We arrive around 11 to MoBay and thought this would be a great lunch spot. I read that Scotchies is a must-do.

    2. Should reserving dinner, activities, spa be one of the first things you do? We will only be there for 4 nights, so want to make sure we can fit everything in. Have seen conflicting views on how quickly things book up.

    3. Yoga. To anyone who has been recently? I saw on the activity schedule that there is only yoga twice a week. Was this accurate? Any suggestions who I could contact to see if there is a guest yoga instructor coming and possibly offering more classes than on the schedule?

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    It's good that your question implies that you will be thoughtful to the others on the shuttle - some of us have been travelling 20 odd hours non stop by the time we get on the shuttle and really would prefer just to get to the resort with no stops.

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    You wont stop for lunch but will make 1-2 stops to pee or beer...
    You wont have trouble getting in to the restaurants or at least we didnt,but I would make rsvp when you arrive
    yoga-we saw people doing it.Be sure to visit the smoothie bar by the mineral pool

    If you are considering SSB-go early AM your first day to get your feet wet...

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