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    Default Catamaran Cruise at CSA

    I can't seem to figure out where one signs up for the catamaran cruise at CSA. Is the sign-up at the front desk check-in area, or is it somewhere else? And what are the hours that the catamaran sign-in place is open? Thanks for the help!

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    Its the concierge...same place you sign up for dinner reservations. They also booked my spa appointment, so im sure they can book more things.

    They are open daily from 8am to 7pm according to the flyer they gave us when we checked in last may. Perhaps that has changed since. There were always long lines in mornings so i always went around 4pm and no lines.

    They will need your room number when you book anything, so you have to wait until after checking in.

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    Over by Sea Grapes

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    Concierge is at the front lobby on the left as you enter the front. They'll happily schedule you after about 9:00 till about 5, I believe.

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    You sign up in the lobby with the concierge any time. This excursion books up so sign up soon after you get there.

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    Awesome, thanks everybody!

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    The last time we were there you signed up for the cat cruise at the water sports hut which is near sea grapes..The cruise fill up quickly and you sign up a day in advance if I remeber right, You have to give them your room number, so you will need to be checked in first.I believe the crusie runs certain days of the week, I don't recall whihc ones right off hand, I do know it fills up fast, we would eat breakfast at the Palms and hang out by Sea Grapes until the watersports hut opened and signed up for our activities first thing in the morning...

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    You sign up in the lobby with the concierge but do it as soon as you get the it fills up quick.

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    What days is this held?

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    You sign up by Seagrapes-there is a little booth where all the sailing/canoe things are...It goes Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat @ 3:30 p.m. RSVP (limited space).

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    Sign up with concierge... I believe you can do this by phone too (in case you forgot at check-in), but make sure you pick up slip/voucher from concierge desk before cat cruise as they will not let you board without one (had to run over to get ours before boarding as we didn't know about the voucher).

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    When you sign up, they'll give you a boarding pass. Fill it out and bring it with you on the cruise. I also think it's a waiver release form too in case something were to happen.

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    Concierge desk then check in at sports hut before the trip.

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    I am at CSA now. You sign up at the concierge desk and bring the slip of paper to the water sports area before you board. You need to sign a waver first.

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    We have a member of our party that is very frightened of water and would not be comfortable without a life jacket. Are these available on the boat or should they bring their own?

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    Orv, yes they have them and alot of people wear them. They are not the full vest type but the kind you wrap around your torso I think. They seem to work great, have a blast!

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