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    I understand that CSA has a golf package to Negril Hills Golf Club, but it doesnt include clubs, cart or caddie. I was wondering how much $ it is for the clubs, cart or caddie. It appears to be fairly hilly so I'll most likely opt for the cart. Can anyone break this down for me? Are the rental clubs nice - brand?

    Wifey-to-be and I will be at CSA Oct 12 - 18. I would like to hit the sticks if possible.

    Any info would be great.

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    You can read the FAQ section for prices on club rental. I rented clubs on our last trip. They have a basic set and an ugrade. I chose the basic set and the clubs left much to be desired. I do not recall the brand of clubs, but they appeared much better than the clubs I used. Great day in the sun and the caddies were very helpful. Beautiful views of the interior of the island. Fun little course.

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    I just was wondering the same type of questions regardng golf, we are going to be at CSA from the 5th-12th and are bringing our own clubs and I found a lot of great info at the search engine. just type in golf. Have fun!

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    I cant remember the breakdown and i have played negril hills many times over the years.It usually cost me about $75.00us per round and that includes cart,caddie,club rentals,a drink or two and a $15-20 tip.Hope this helps.

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    Good talk. Just needed an idea of what to expect and after a little research, I plan on chasing the little white ball around Negril Hills. FORE!

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    Green fees included in trip cost, must take cart & caddie
    ($ extra). Caddies do not get tip from club, so I take care of mine ($20 US).
    Nice golf shirts & hats in shop, too.

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    Hi Fish I think you made a good decision to play. My buddies and I played Negril Hills twice back in December and really enjoyed it. The course is not up to the standards we're spoiled with here in the States but it is fun. My advice is to bring your own clubs because the ones they had were not very good. My buddy is an 8 handicapper and he couldn't even hit the clubs he rented. He ended up renting a private set from his caddy for the second round. My second piece of advice is to walk with your caddy and save the cart fee if you're used to walking your home course. It is hilly but not impossible. We had two caddies that I'd recommend, Ronnie (female) and Nevel. They're good people when you joke with them and the round will whiz by. Tell them Steve from NY says hi and enjoy your round(s).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillnBertha View Post
    Green fees included in trip cost, must take cart & caddie
    ($ extra). Caddies do not get tip from club, so I take care of mine ($20 US).
    Nice golf shirts & hats in shop, too.
    I don't think it's mandatory to take the cart, that's an option from what I've read.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thanks, Steve, I'm not big on rental clubs but a bit affraid to lug my own. Decisions, decisions. Though the caddy will earn their time dragging my big a$$ bag around, if i so choose to bring, that is for sure.

    Does it rain in the afternoons during Oct 12 - Oct 18? Is an early morning tee the way to go?

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    Carts are not mandatory. My wife and I took our own clubs, no problem, and walked the course. If you like early morning, get a cab, about $40 return. We got a 7:00am tee time. Had the cab pick us up from the course at 10:00. We were on the beach sipping coffee and eating pastries before 10:30... grabbed a omelette one morning before breakfast was finished at Cassava With a twosome a 3-hour round is not a stretch, especially with someone else carrying your bag. Costs are as people have said.

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    Fish, I've brought my golf bag on trips twice to Jamaica, twice to Vegas, once to California and once to Mexico and have never had a problem. I recommend that you go buy a cheap carry bag, end of the season sales, and give the caddy a break. Funny you should say that about the bag. When I played in Ocho Rios the caddy picked up my bag and immediately put it down and emptied most of the junk I had in it and left it in the caddyshack. Just bring enough balls, tees and a glove and you're good to go. Since golf bags are oversized they're handled separately from the regular luggage and I've never had a single club damaged. On international flights I don't think that they are subject to overweight issues either. I have a bag cover that has wheels on the bottom so I just grab the handle and drag it through the terminal like any other bag. No Problem Mon! I recommend mornings because October is one of the months with the most rain and a late afternoon downpour is usually called for. BTW, you can only play 9 holes in the afternoon. Enjoy your time in paradise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roclin View Post
    Carts are not mandatory.
    I stand corrected. It has been a few years since I've played there, too hot these days.

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