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    Im a little confused on the new prices listed on the website for wedding photography....these were the prices sent to me originally. I understood this to be $650 for a deluxe pack with a DVD..and now that package is $ confused.

    24 Photos- 300.00
    36 Photos- 400.00
    24 Photos- w/VHS 450.00
    24 Photos- w/DVD 500.00
    36 Photos- w/VHS 550.00
    36 Photos- w/DVD 600.00
    *Deluxe pack w/VHS 610.00
    *Deluxe pack w/DVD 650.00

    *Deluxe includes 5 (8X10), 20(4X6), 10(5X7) photos and photo album

    DVDs (20- 30 minutes) 400.00
    Wedcast 375.00
    Album replacement 21.00 +SH
    Photographers charge 100.00 per hour*
    (Charge for any extra time you would like to have with the photographer)

    Photo pricing varies by resort and is subject to change without notice.

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    In my opinion, the resort photography is WAY over priced. For $2500 you could get a photographer for the whole day! We are going with Dianna Campbell she include the $500 resort fee in her price and will customize a package to meet your budget. You cal google her and it will take you to her website. I am getting her for 3 hours, all pictures on a cd, and a dvd of the ceremony for WELL under $2500. I told her what I was looking to spend and she told me what she could do for that much money. It was very simple and she is extremly nice!! There are lots of other great photographers out there too. Just read some of the other topics on the board to get some names. I know I didnt exactly answer your questions. But I was just hoping to help you get your moneys worth!!

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    I was originally going to use the resort photography until I saw the prices. Unfortunately, I can't answer your question about the prices... I would suggest emailing the stateside wedding planner and asking her about it. I also decided to go with Diana Cambell, she is giving me a great package with A LOT more photos than the resort will do, plus a dvd. She will work with every budget. I highly recommend you get in touch with her before deciding on the resort photography.
    Good Luck!!!

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    they offten serve a set for this, it's cheaper

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    We brought a photographer from home for our wedding. We paid for their stay, and it was cheaper than buying Couple's packages, and literally got thousands of pictures to choice from. If I wasn't able to do that, I would have gone for an off resort photographer..I did not like the resort pictures I saw, I prefer more artistic photo's compared to what Couples offers, and what you get for the amount you pay is just silly. I agree with JulieK, I would check into off resort photographers..seems their are some pretty good ones out there!

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    I am a wedding photographer in the States and when my wife and I did our Vow renewal we hired Stacey Clarke for the photography. In my opinion the quality and skill of the resort photographers and their product is average at best. No way I would use them for a wedding. We looked at alot of photographers work and narrowed it down to 2 photographers. Stacey Clarke and Misha Earle were the only 2 that I would consider.
    Scott & Becca
    Caffreys Photography

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