Im a little confused on the new prices listed on the website for wedding photography....these were the prices sent to me originally. I understood this to be $650 for a deluxe pack with a DVD..and now that package is $ confused.

24 Photos- 300.00
36 Photos- 400.00
24 Photos- w/VHS 450.00
24 Photos- w/DVD 500.00
36 Photos- w/VHS 550.00
36 Photos- w/DVD 600.00
*Deluxe pack w/VHS 610.00
*Deluxe pack w/DVD 650.00

*Deluxe includes 5 (8X10), 20(4X6), 10(5X7) photos and photo album

DVDs (20- 30 minutes) 400.00
Wedcast 375.00
Album replacement 21.00 +SH
Photographers charge 100.00 per hour*
(Charge for any extra time you would like to have with the photographer)

Photo pricing varies by resort and is subject to change without notice.