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    Default Negril Shopping- What to expect?

    My wife and I were thinking of taking the shuttle to go shopping. We like the arts/ craft markets vibe, but wasn't sure if it would worth our time. We try to go and buy something local for each of our trips so we wanted advise of suggestions for doing the shopping trip. I believe that they offer two different locations: Downtown and a 'arts market' Any suggestions or advice? or should we just rick it and get something at the airport?

    12 more days till CN!!

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    The shopping trip no longer goes downtown. It only goes to the Duty Free Center (Time Square - I think). Apparently some guests were no longer feeling comfortable downtown (this is according to the staff)

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    We have not done the Negril shopping excursion, but did go through the straw market at Dunn's River Falls. It was really uncomfortable for me and I was so happy when we finally made our way out of it. For perspective, I have shopped locally at a number of other Caribbean islands and am used to haggling. This was on a whole other level.

    Personally, I would rather pay a few dollars more at the airport or hotel gift shop and not be hassled. It is VERY high pressure when you are dealing with local vendors outside the resort. At both CTI and CSA, they have at least one day where they bring in people selling goods, and at CSA they also walk up and down the beach. If you do go shopping, never pay full asking price and if they ask you your name and you tell them out of politeness, then congrats - you just purchased whatever they are trying to push on you

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    I've been to CN twice and never did the shopping trip. I've been told that they take you to a place that sells the same stuff that you can buy at the resort when the outside vendors come in every few days.

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    Shopping trip - not worth the hassle. Never again.

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    Love it! We always go on a shoping trip in Negril and Ocho Rios. Also a trip to the craft market and at CN, a walk down the beach to the vendors there as well as the ones who are invited on the resort.
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    Don't do it. Not worth it. Buy stuff from the vendors on the beach. I noticed a lot of stuff in the "craft" market was the same shop to shop, and a lot of it had made in china stickers on it. I think the entire area is a scam.

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    We have shopped in both Ocho Rios and Negril. We like shopping in Ocho Rios as there are other things to see as well and lot of choices for shopping. We find shopping in Negril not worth it. The stores are all the same and we got bored pretty quick.

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    In 9 trips to Negril, we've never done the shopping trip into town or off the resort ..... Heard lots of other guests that felt hassled & didn't think it was worth it ..... They have vendors on the resort everyday (2 or 3) with several one day a week (Monday at CN), plus there are vendors along the beach that are very easy to deal with so we always buy stuff from these folks ..... There are lots of shops at the airport also so you can shop while you're waiting for your flight.

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